AEROSMITH "Amazing" and "Pink" (Demos for the album's "Get A Grip" and "Nine Lives" - Asst. Engineer)
ALAN EVANS TRIO "I'm Coming Home" [Single] (Live in Studio recording - Mixed)
AMBOOG-A-LARD "The Wounded"/"Alone" [Singles] (Engineer/Mixed)
AMRITHA "Don't Know Why" [Single] (Mixed)
ANGELA THOMAS WADE "Milk Cow Blues" [Single] (Mixed)
BEGGAR'S OPERA "Demo 1995" (Mixed)
BENCIL "Holiday" [Single] (Mixed)
BIG HEAD TODD & THE MONSTERS "Hey Delilah" [Single] (Live Recording - Mixed)
BLOODLINE [w/ Joe Bonamassa] (Pre-Production demos w/ Aaron Hagar on vocals - Engineer)
BRIAN HOWE [Bad Company] (Demos for the album "Tangled in Blue" - Asst. Engineer)
BROTHER GRIMM "Self Treachery"/"Blue Ketchup" [Singles] (Engineer/Mixed)
CAPITOL HILL (Various Demos - Engineer / Live - FoH Engineer)
CASH MONEY BROTHER "HRS"/"Dig 'Em Down" [Singles] (Asst. Engineer/Mixed)
CELADON CANDY "Irritant" [Single] (Mixed), "Celadonia" [Album] (Mastering)
CHEAP BLONDE BLUES BAND "Live at Mac Arnold's" (Recorded/Mixed)
CHRISTINE WINELAND "Favorite Melodies on Harp" [Album] (Recorded/Mixed)
CNOC AN TURSA "Bannockburn" [Single] (Mixed)
COLLAPSING LUNGS "Around"/"Kick the Can" [Singles] (Asst. Engineer/Mixed)
DAVID BRYAN [Bon Jovi] (Various songwriting demos - Asst. Engineer)
DAVID McMULLEN "California" [Single] (Mastering)
DAVID McWHITE "Center" [Single] (Live 2-Track, Recorded/Live Mix)
DIGNITY MARKETING (Various DVD authoring projects)
DINO ON THE LOOSE "Queen's Light" [Single] (Mixed)
DROP DEAD "March of Empire" [E.P.] (Vinyl Mastering)
DYNASTY "Live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL" (Analog to Digital Transfers & Restoration)
ENDA REILLY "Cur An Long Ag Seol" [Single] (Mixed)
FERNANDO TRIFF "Sunset Strip" [Single] (Mixed)
FINAL JUDGEMENT "Drastic Dose of Reality" [E.P.] (Vinyl Mastering)
FINAL PROPHECY "Through Eyes of Fire" [Single] (Mixed), "Re-Awakening" [Album] (Audio Transfers/Restoration/Pre-Mastering)
GET SOME CREW "Stomp" [Album] (Asst. Engineer)
GODHEAD "Self Titled" [E.P.] (Vinyl Mastering)
HABITAT "Demo 1993" [Recorded/Mixed]
HEAR HERE "Audio Vertigo" [Album] (Asst. Engineer), "It" [Single] (Mixed)
HOLLOW GROUND "Left Blind" and "Ill-Fate" [Singles] (Mixed)
HORDE OF TORMENT "Distorted Recollections" (Vinyl to 96/24 transfers, tracks 1-4)
HUMAN RADIO "You & Me & The Radio" [Single] (Mixed)
IAN RUTHERFORD "Looking For Heroes" [Single] (Mixed)
JACKIE GREEN [of The Black Crowes] "Rise Up Singing" [Single] (Mixed), "Don't Let the Devil Take Your Mind" [Single] [Live Recording - Mixed]
JAMES MAY "On the Line", "All Souls Moon", "Hold on You" [Singles] (Mixed)
JESPER BUHL TRIO "What Is This Thing Called Love?" [Single] (Mixed)
JESSICA CHILDRESS "Slow Down" [Single] (Live in Studio recording - Mixed)
JONATHAN KRIESBERG TRIO "Tune for Tracey" [Single] (Re-Mix)
JOSIAH RUFF "God Will Take Care of You" [Single] (Mixed)
JUST US ORCHESTRA "Live at the Bonaventure; Weston, FL" [Live Recording] (Analog-to-Digital transfers/Restoration]
KATHLEEN TURNER "The Heart is the Only Way Home" [Single] (Mixed)
LINKS, THE "State of the Nation" [Single] (Mixed)
LOST VEGAS (Mixing/Audio Sweetening of grand piano tracks)
MARCUS LUMBER "Radio Advertisements" (Mixed/Mastered)
MARK PIANTANIDA "Sarasota, Florida" [Album] (Mixed)
MARTYR "Wickenstraut" [Album] (Mastering)
NAKED RHYTHM "Fatbox" [Album] (Asst. Engineer/Analog Tape Editor/Co-Mix Engineer)
NICKI BLUHM & THE GRAMBLERS "Go Go Go" [Single] (Live Recording - Mixed)
NONPOINT [as Nonpoint Factor] "Depression '94" [Demo/E.P.] (Producer/Engineer/Mixed)
ONLY GREAT GEAR, LLC. "Laundry Soap Basics" [Informational] [Edited/Mastered)
OPPOSITE EARTH "Caught in the Middle" [Single] (Mixed), "Selling the Miracle" [Album] (Engineer)
OUT OF TUNE "56 Seconds"/"Dissident's Anthem"/"Nothing" [Singles] (Mixed)
PONT PICTURES (DVD Authoring for the documentary "Audition Secrets")
PROCESS "World In Motion" [Album] (Asst. Engineer/Mixed - Tracks 1 & 2)
PROGRESSIVE ARTS MUSIC (Various Enhanced CD and DVD Authoring Projects)
RAPED APE "Easy Way Out"/"Self-Made Man" [Singles] (Asst. Engineer/Mixed)
REVELATION "Spiritual Wind" [Album] (Audio Restoration and Pre-Mastering)
ROYAL ANGUISH "Shocking the Priest" [Demo/E.P.] (Engineer/Mixed), "Retrospect" [Single] (Engineer/Mixed)
RUSTED ROOT "Ecastasy" [Single] (Live Recording - Mixed)
SEBASTIAN BACH (Live - FoH Engineer)
SELWYN JAZZ BIG BAND "Much Too Much" [Single] (Mixed)
SHAUN O'REILLY "Vultures & Wine" [E.P.] (Mixed)
SKEPTIC SENSE "Mind Versus Soul: The Anthology" (Analog-to-Digital Transfers and Restoration and Mastering, tracks 9-11)
SVEN BORNEMARK "Stop Messing with Me" [Single] (Mixed)
TANELORN "The Other Side" [E.P.] (Mastering)
TURKUAZ "Tip-Toe Through the Crypto" [Single] (Live Recording - Mixed)
TWIST OF FATE "Demo 1993" [Engineer/Mixed]
UNCLE DAD "Who I Am" [Single] (Mixed)
VANDAL "Julian Day" [Album] (Japan re-mix - Co-Mix Engineer)
VARIOUS ARTISTS "A.R.T. Records Singles Series Vol. 1" (Audio Transfers/Restoration/Pre-Mastering)
VARIOUS ARTISTS "Killing Time: Thrashed From The Vault" (Audio Transfers/Restoration/Pre-Mastering)
VARIOUS ARTISTS "Return of the Mountain King: Tribute to Savatage" (Compilation Producer)
VARIOUS ARTISTS "Up from the Underground" (Mastering)
VENT "Women" [Single] (Asst. Engineer/Backing Vocals)
WACKO RADIO NETWORK (Various post-production work)
WAR ELEPHANT "Fevered Sleep" [E.P.] (Mixed)
WINSOM "Live in Sarasota, FL 1978" (analog to digital transfers & restoration)
WRAITH "Dark Gifts" [Album] (Producer/Engineer), "Let It Go" [Single] (Asst. Engineer/Mixed)


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