MIXING: You've spent a minor fortune booking a great room to cut those drum tracks (we hope) and spent countless hours in your home studio or band space finishing up your soon to be released masterpiece.  Perhaps you've tracked everything in a great studio and you just need a fresh set of ears (and perspective) at this crucial stage. If you've got the goods and are ready to deliver, then we invite you into The Mix Room.

At Reformata A/V, we combine the two wonderful worlds of both analog and digital to provide you with a quality mix.  We're not going to waste a bunch of your time trying to hype up our work, rather we'd like you to head on over to The Listening Room. If you like what you hear and feel we'd be a good match for what you wish to achieve with your project, then please get in touch.


LOCATION RECORDING:  Yes, we come to you.  It could be you need to work on a very tight budget, or would rather record in a space you're comfortable in. Maybe you don't want to lose that all important "vibe" you get in your rehearsal space. Perhaps you want to invite a few fans into your space to track a live e.p. or record a performance at an important gig.  If any of the above is true get in touch with us here at Reformata A/V.


VINYL MASTERING:  Mastering is that crucial final step in getting your recording across that finish line.  While mastering for CD can be found in great abundance, mastering for vinyl is not.

Before starting Reformata A/V, I (Eric Hoffman) cut my teeth with analog in the early 90's in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida doing an abundance of mastering and editing (yes, with a razor blade!) for both indie bands and labels.  Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Miami Bass... you name it.  With the recent resurgence in vinyl, getting the mastering right is crucial. So, if you're planning a vinyl release and want it done right, please drop us a line.  We'll even print your finished master to tape if you'd like.


AUDIO EDITING/RESTORATION/SWEETENING:  Need "aah's" and "uhm's" removed from your podcast or all important DVD commentary track? Maybe you've got some old band recordings or chorus recitals on cassette you'd like cleaned up and archived to CD.  Maybe you've got a commercial voice over track that sounds good, but not quite what you'd hear on your local radio station.  If your answer is "Yes" to any of the above, give us a buzz.  View the short "Before and After" video below.


FORENSIC ENHANCEMENT: This audio service is provided for law enforcement, private investigators, insurance fraud investigators, legal counsels, or private citizens looking to catch that cheating spouse.  Forensic Enhancement is an all important step in bringing to the foreground that all important audio information that has gotten lost under an avalanche of audio debris that needs to be put back into the background.  These sessions are recorded with video that are date and timed stamped to preserve the integrity of the performed work. Confidentiality agreements are expected.


DVD & BLURAY DISC AUTHORING: These services are provided for both commercial and private use.  Whether you're an indie film producer looking to get your project authored for a commercial release or newlyweds looking to have your wedding video immortalized to disc we can get the job done.


VIDEO EDITING: We offer basic video editing services for a variety of needs. Contact us with the specifics and we'll be glad to help.  If it turns out to be beyond our area of expertise we'll be happy to recommend you to another professional.


PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Our professional services are geared toward the artist ready for the next steps towards your success.  We can provide copyright filing, contract consultation (saving you tons of moolah before going to an attorney), and providing final layout work for your CD package or promotional materials.

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