It's been a while since we've updated with news.  Our primary way of frequent updates is via our Facebook page ( so we suggest you go and like our page there.  Now for the news:

JANUARY 2016: Did a re-mix for the song "Queen's Eyes" for Dutch Fusion band Dino's on the Loose.  The song originally appeared on their 2012 "Dance".

FEBRUARY 2016: Began work on the album "Celadonia" from Durham, NC Dance/Electronica act Celadon Candy for Kounterfeit Records... Performed analog-to-digital transfers, restoration and mastering of 3 songs from cult German Tech/Thrash band Skeptic Sense.  The songs were culled from their 1991 demo "Harmony of Souls" and released on May 13, 2016 on the release "Mind Versus Soul: The Anthology" via Divebomb Records.

MARCH 2016: Work continued on the Celadon Candy project... Mastered the single "California" from Australian singer/songwriter David McMullen... Mixed the single "Sunset Strip" from Brazilian artist Fernando Triff... Did some extensive transfer work along with engineer Buddy Strong at his facility South Eastern Sound in Campobello, SC.

APRIL 2016: Performed some vocal mixing/sweetening for Houston, TX based Pop vocalist Jo Jo Girandi... Mixed 5 tracks from London, England based Modern Progressive Rock/Metal band War Elephant.  The e.p. is being released on June 24, 2016 digitally under the title "Fevered Sleep" featuring 4 of the 5 tracks mixed... Work on the Celadon Candy release "Celadonia" was completed... Mixed the song "State of the Nation" by Lafayette, LA based The Links for Wargenized Records... Performed audio editing and mastering for Only Great Gear, LLC based out of Oroville, WA for their "The Best Laundry Kit" informational CD... Performed grand piano mixing/sweetening for a song from Minneapolis, MN based band The Lost Vegas for World Wide Ocean Records.

MAY 2016: Mixed the song "The Heart Is the Only Way Home" by Irish artist Kathleen Turner... Performed 5 re-mixes for Polish Crossover band Out of Tune... Mixed the song "The Opener" for Adelaide, Australia's Lindy Hip Big Band... 

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