Here's what was happening here at Reformata A/V during the month June.  For more frequent updates, "like" our Facebook page.  We'll love you for it.

Irish vocalist Kathleen Turner had us do some instrumental mixes of the single "The Heart is the Only Way Home"... Mixed the single "Looking For Heroes" from Australian songwriter Ian Rutherford... Nepalese folk artist Tushar returned to have a third song edited and mastered, "In Love"... England's War Elephant released videos for the tracks "Fevered Sleep" and "(Con)fude" from the new e.p. (also titled "Fevered Sleep") that was released digitally on June 24th. The e.p. was mixed right here at Reformata A/V.

It's been a while since we've updated with news.  Our primary way of frequent updates is via our Facebook page ( so we suggest you go and like our page there.  Now for the news:

JANUARY 2016: Did a re-mix for the song "Queen's Eyes" for Dutch Fusion band Dino's on the Loose.  The song originally appeared on their 2012 "Dance".

FEBRUARY 2016: Began work on the album "Celadonia" from Durham, NC Dance/Electronica act Celadon Candy for Kounterfeit Records... Performed analog-to-digital transfers, restoration and mastering of 3 songs from cult German Tech/Thrash band Skeptic Sense.  The songs were culled from their 1991 demo "Harmony of Souls" and released on May 13, 2016 on the release "Mind Versus Soul: The Anthology" via Divebomb Records.

MARCH 2016: Work continued on the Celadon Candy project... Mastered the single "California" from Australian singer/songwriter David McMullen... Mixed the single "Sunset Strip" from Brazilian artist Fernando Triff... Did some extensive transfer work along with engineer Buddy Strong at his facility South Eastern Sound in Campobello, SC.

APRIL 2016: Performed some vocal mixing/sweetening for Houston, TX based Pop vocalist Jo Jo Girandi... Mixed 5 tracks from London, England based Modern Progressive Rock/Metal band War Elephant.  The e.p. is being released on June 24, 2016 digitally under the title "Fevered Sleep" featuring 4 of the 5 tracks mixed... Work on the Celadon Candy release "Celadonia" was completed... Mixed the song "State of the Nation" by Lafayette, LA based The Links for Wargenized Records... Performed audio editing and mastering for Only Great Gear, LLC based out of Oroville, WA for their "The Best Laundry Kit" informational CD... Performed grand piano mixing/sweetening for a song from Minneapolis, MN based band The Lost Vegas for World Wide Ocean Records.

MAY 2016: Mixed the song "The Heart Is the Only Way Home" by Irish artist Kathleen Turner... Performed 5 re-mixes for Polish Crossover band Out of Tune... Mixed the song "The Opener" for Adelaide, Australia's Lindy Hip Big Band... 

It's been quiet since early December, first because it's always a slow month, and secondly I was out of commission for three weeks with a nasty bug that also kept me from studio work of any kind.

Finally was able to get back at it shortly after the first of the year. Started off with some intensive forensic work then mixing a track from Brooklyn, NY based funk/rock band TURKUAZ. Take a listen.

On November 6th mixing for the James May track "All Souls Moon" was completed... DVD authoring for the documentary film "Audition Secrets" was completed on November 16th.  The film was directed by Cole T. Walsh and will be available for sale soon... On November 20th and 21st we performed analog-to-digital transfers and mastering of the 1991 demo release from the German Tech-Metal band Skeptic Sense titled "Harmony of Souls".  A complete discography set will be issued in 2016 through Divebomb Records... November 26th and 28th mixing was done for yet another James May song, "Hold on You"...

On December 1st mixing was completed on a cover of Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why" performed by New York based vocalist Amritha... December 7th mixing began for a live track from Brooklyn, NY based funk/rock band Turkuaz titled "Tip Toe Through the Crypto".

October is in the can and November is going to be an exciting month here at Reformata A/V.

Finishing up October two new singles were mixed.  The first was from Homestead, Florida based Gospel/R&B artist Josiah Ruff with his track "God Will Take Care of You", which will be included on his sixth studio album to be released in 2016. You can visit Josiah here... Next up was the new single from Jamaican artist Bencil and his track "Holiday". You can find out more about Bencil here.

For the month of November, we're kicking it off with doing live performance backing mixes for Sarasota, Florida's Mark Piantanida.  His debut album, aptly titled "Sarasota, Florida!", was mixed here at Reformata A/V and was released at the end of October... Following Mark will be an DVD Authoring project for a new feature length documentary film from Pont Pictures titled "Audion Secrets", directed by Cole T. Walsh.  You can read more about the film here.

The digital single from Italy's Mesmerize is now commercially available.  The release features covers from Savatage (Sirens) and Metal Church (The Powers That Be).  The audio was mastered here at Reformata A/V.

The single is available at CD Baby.


Completed on October, 23 the re-mix of the track "Ill Fate" from Canadian hardcore band Hollow Ground.

Recorded @ The Blue Room; Winnipeg, Canada
Recorded by: John Paul Peters
Mixed @ Reformata A/V; Greenville, SC
Mixed by: Eric Hoffman (October 23, 2015)


Currently doing a re-mix for another track from Canadian hardcore band Hollow Ground called "Ill Fate".

The first pass on the mix was completed yesterday and today we going back into The Mix Room to wrap it all up.


We're pleased to announce the completion of restoration and remastering for classic West Palm Beach, Florida Metal band Revelation.

The project was for a complete anthology of the bands 80's recordings which features their independently released album "Spiritual Wind" (1988) and their demo "Visions" (1986).  The label releasing the anthology has yet to be announced.

The original 2-track masters were unable to be located so all analog transfers were performed from original factory pressed copies of the two releases.  The analog audio was transferred at 96/24 and then restored by removing intrusive tape hiss, volume irregularites and various other source noises.

Here's the restored version of the track "Johnny" from "Spiritual Wind".

ALAN EVANS TRIO "I'm Coming Home" [Live in Studio]

RECORDED @ Telefunken Studios; South Windsor, CT (recorded completely live to 16-track, one take, no overdubs)

MIXED @ Reformata A/V; Greenville, SC 8/21/14 by Eric Hoffman

NOTES: Edit from the final mix. Outboard compression used on kick drum, organ and bass only. ITB compression on toms, over-heads, room tracks and vocals. No compression used on any other track. All reverb is out-board. Track is 25+ minutes long, edited here for time purposes.

Sneak peek at the return of WROC 90.9 "The Pit". Finishing up the CD audio clips today.

Looks like the first 4 shows will be dedicated to Florida Metal.

Beginning work on the return of the South Florida radio program "The Pit".  The show aired on Sunday evenings on WROC 90.9 FM Pirate Radio.

The Show is returning in late October of 2015 as a unique type of Vlog.  It's going to be part Pandora and part MTV (well, sort of).

All of the audio and video work for The Pit is being done right here at Reformata A/V.

The Jonathan Kriesberg Trio "Tune For Tracy"

Performed by "The Jonathan Kriesberg Trio". 16-Track recording recorded in 1996 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Re-Mixed and Mastered by Eric Hoffman @ Reformata A/V in 2014.

Currently working on a DVD project for the U.K. based marketing firm Dignity Marketing.

Completed restoration work on two compilations of material dating from 1986-1991 from Just Us Orchestra.

On August 13, 2014 I mixed this live track from BIG HEAD TODD & THE MONSTERS.

In early 1993 the band became very widely known with their album "SISTER SWEETLY" (Giant Records). The album went Platinum and spawned three hit singles: "Broken Hearted Savior" (#9), "Bittersweet" (#14), and "Circle" (#21).

Just Us Orchestra "Live at the Bonaventure; Weston, FL" restoration was completed yesterday (8/27/15).

Begin restoration work on two live compilations from Just Us on Monday.

Radio spot completed on 8/25/15 for Iowa based Marcus Lumber.

Mixing a radio ad for Marcus Lumber based out of Marcus, IA.

Begin final audio sweetening for Just Us Orchestra live from the Bonaventure; Weston, FL.

DYNASTY "Live in Ft. Lauderdale 1978" restoration has been completed.

Today doing 4 alternate mixes for MARK PIANATADINA. Then begin restoration work on another set of live recordings featuring the late saxophone/flute player ROBERT FRANCIS GUERCIA.

DYNASTY "Dance with Me" [Orleans cover]
Recorded live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1978

Restored and mastered from a 1st or 2nd generation audio cassette by Eric Hoffman at Reformata A/V Studios [8/14/15].

Just one more week...On August 21 Divebomb Records releases the HORDE OF TORMENT anthology collection "Distorted Recollections".

Analog-to-Digital 96/24 transfers for the first 4 tracks were done by us here at Reformata A/V.

Printing the first pass of Winsom "Live in Sarasota 1978". Here is the band doing Steely Dan's "Got the News"

Three stereo tracks can be seen. The first is the flat audio with only noise reduction applied. The second was processed using analog compression and EQ then loaded back in for a bit of digital processing. The third had analog compression applied and loaded back in for digital EQ and processing.

The latter two will be printed so a choice can be made which process everyone will like best.

Mixes for Mark Piantanida completed today. Here's one of the 8 tracks, "Florida Girl".

Begin mixing an 8 song project for Latin artist Mark Piantanida on Monday. Track listing is as follows:

Florida Girl
Dance Like No one's Watching
Life is Beautiful
Love and Happiness
American Reggae
Siesta Key
Bang Your Drum

WINSOM "Peg" [Steely Dan cover]

Recorded Live in Sarasota, FL 8/23/78. Features Robert Guercia on Sax. Straight transfer. No post-processing yet applied.

Performing analog-to-digital transfers for Winsom and Dynasty. Live recordings of performances in Sarasota, FL 1978 and Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1978. No noise and restoration to follow in the morning.

Both recordings feature the late Bob Guercia on saxophone and flute. Bob was a legendary player throughout Florida and New York and had played with everyone from Jaco Pastorius to Mickey Rooney to Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Doing post editing for the Wacko Bob Show here in sunny South Florida.


Divebomb Records has officially announced a release date of August 21.  Analog-to-Digital 96/24 transfers for the first 4 tracks were done by us here at Reformata A/V.

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